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How Kids React to Hearing AC/DC for the First Time

Fine Brothers Entertainment, makers of the popular “Kids React” videos, are back with a new clip showing how youngsters respond to hearing AC/DC for the first time.

In the clip, kids hear a sampling of tracks from the group’s catalog, and while many of them are impressed by the rocking beats and Angus Young’s guitar playing, they’re frequently perplexed by Brian Johnson’s vocals and critical of the songs.

Their comments include:

“The guitar player and the lead singer are really good together...”

“I hate the lyrics ’cause I can’t even tell what it says. It just sounds like yelling. But I love the music…”

“They all kinda sound like each other…”

“I seriously cannot understand a single word he was saying…”

And, “People, like, like this?”

In the final analysis, “Back in Black” is a hit with the children. “Hells Bells,” not so much.

After their listening session, the kids are shocked when they get their first look at Angus Young in his schoolboy outfit. While longtime AC/DC fans will be accustomed to the sight of a grown man rocking out in short pants, the image is clearly unsettling for the youngsters.

“Is that, like, a school outfit?” asks one?

“Why is he wearing high shorts?” another wonders.

“Not the best outfit,” says one budding rock critic.

The kids are also amazed to learn that AC/DC formed in 1973 and are still touring today. “I can’t believe they’re still alive for that long!” one says.

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