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Watch How Kids React to Metallica

The YouTube channel known as Fine Brothers Entertainment has built its appeal on a series of “Kids React” videos, in which youngsters are shown responding to everything from the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge to the first iPod.

On September 8, the channel uploaded “Kids React to Metallica,” and within a few days the video had accumulated more than two million views.

In the video, a selection of children are shown Metallica’s video for their latest track, “Hardwired.” While a few of the youngsters seem to have an inkling of what metal is, this appears to be an eye-opening experience for most of them.

“It’s so aggressive,” says Kelis, age 10.

“I’m guessing this is like the Rolling Stones or something?” suggests Evan, 11.

“I don’t think this is classified as music,” says 12-year-old Alex.

  • After watching the “Hardwired” video, the kids are asked a few basic questions, such as “Do you know who this band is?” and “What kind of music would you say this is?” to which they give priceless answers. They’re also shown a late-Eighties photo of the group with bassist Jason Newsted and a shot of the group today. Their reactions range from “Woah!” to “They’re, like, 80!”
  • Cruel. See for yourself what the next generation of music consumers thinks about the world’s biggest metal band.