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Yngwie Malmsteen Goes Strat Shopping in London in 1990

Here's an interesting video from a magical place called YouTube—and magical time for guitarists called 1990. It's a pro-shop clip of guitar god Yngwie Malmsteen going Strat shopping at a second-hand and vintage gear shop on Denmark Street in London.

As Yngwie gets out of his limo, he passes two men on the street.

One of them asks, “Who’s this, Bon Jovi?” Awesome. Inside the shop, Yngwie spots the guitar he wants to try out—a Fiesta Red 1963 Strat—and asks if anyone has a pick.

“My middle name is where-the-fuck-is-the-guitar-pick,” he jokes. Up next, we see and hear him soloing away on the Strat before he and his someone else, possibly his business manager, begin haggling over the price with the shop owner.

"Don't put no fuckin' tax on it, alright? It's 3.5 (British pounds) flat!" Next thing, he's walking out of the shop.

Does he leave empty handed? Find out!