THE FINE PRINT - A Visit from Trivium

Matt (left) and Corey warming up On Monday, July 14, Guitar World was treated to a visit by two of our (now) old friends, Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu from Trivium. The boys came up to the office studio for a photo shoot with ace photographer Justin Borucki, as well as a brief interview with writer Kory Grow and a lesson with Guitar World's own Matt Scharfglass. Heafy dialing in his tone They were in town to promote their forthcoming Roadrunner Records album, Shogun, which is due out on Sept. 30. For the lesson, Matt had them deconstruct the album's first single, "Down from the Sky." Beaulieu getting ready As always, Matt and Corey were terrific subjects for our team and handled everything like true professionals...they gave us hours of their time, and for that we appreciate them.Matt had his signature Dean Rising Sun guitar with him, so I figured I'd snap a few pix of really is a striking guitar when you see it in person. Corey had his signature Dean CBV guitar in tow...and played a flawless version of Dokken's "Mr. Scary" while warming up. Corey was wearing his now customary Death T-shirt, which we always enjoy seeing. No doubt he would have gotten a kick out of playing the new Chuck Schuldiner B.C. Rich Stealth guitar that we just got in, but I forgot to show it to him! Next time for sure...Watch for the story and lesson with Trivium in an upcoming issue...and thanks to the guys for coming by once again. Always a pleasure. Matt's Rising Sun Dean Close up of Matt's guitar