THE FINE PRINT - Welcome; 300 Covers; Iron Maiden

For me, I've always been partial to the Feb. 1992 cover of Slash. The Les Paul behind his back, the cig barely stuck to his lips, the Uncensored! line...this, to me, is the perfect cover in terms of composition and attitude. Go check out the gallery and see if you agree.

Looking forward to seeing Iron Maiden next Friday in New Jersey...I was lucky enough to see the band on the Powerslave tour in 1985 at Radio City Music Hall, so I'm extra excited about seeing the recreation of that awesome tour. Powerslave was actually the last great Iron Maiden record to me (I know many of you disagree), so I'll be in pure classic metal heaven as long as they stick to songs from the first five records. If I hear "The Clairvoyant" anywhere in there, I'm gone! :)

Until next time, up the irons...

  • Jeff Kitts
  • Managing Editor