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Ben Harper - Winter Is For Lovers album review

Ben Harper - Winter Is For Lovers
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Winter Is For Lovers

Ben Harper’s love for the humble lap-steel comes to a bold (and incalculably beautiful) peak with this 15-track instrumental trawl down trails of smoky soul, melancholic Americana and slick, summery folk. 

It’s downright incredible how much artistic ground the Californian bluesman is able to cover unaccompanied on Winter – the whole LP is just his prized Monteleone lap-steel, inhumanly articulate fretting hands and unfettered love for music as a spoon with which to stir emotion. 

Highlights are the whistling slinkiness of his slidework on “Inland Empire”, the sinister grit of his bends on “Joshua Tree” and his serpentine solo on “Bizanet”, but there is simply so much on this record to be taken aback and blown away by. It’s a 30-minute record that feels like it’s over in five, but takes you on a journey that should realistically span hours.