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Download and stream the audio from Total Guitar 341

Total Guitar
(Image credit: Future)

Here is all the audio for Total Guitar 341, available to download or stream and use on your phone/computer/tablet.

NB: All files, except those for Classic Track, Rockschool and Open Mic Songbook, are available to download. For copyright reasons, Classic Track, Rockschool and Open Mic Songbook are only available for streaming.

You can stream/download them individually below or download all the files here. (opens in new tab)

Cover Story

Cover Story: 50 Greatest Solos 

TG creates the 'scientifically proven' greatest solo of all time.

Stream or download via the arrow on the right.

The Franken-Solo

The Franken-Solo Backing track


CLASSIC TRACK: The Number of the Beast – Iron Maiden

For copyright reasons, Classic Track and the backing track are are only available for streaming.

The Number of The Beast

The Number of The Beast backing track


Rockschool: Jeff Beck - Cause We've Ended As Lovers 

For copyright reasons, Rockschool and the backing track are only available for streaming.

Jeff Beck

(Image credit: Jeff Beck)

Cause We've Ended As Lovers backing track

Open Mic Songbook

Open-mic Songbook: Better Oblivion Community Center - Dylan Thomas

For copyright reasons, this track is only available for streaming.

Better Oblivion Community Center

(Image credit: Better Oblivion Community Center)

Riff Of The Month

Riff Of The Month: Architects - Animals

Chord Changes and Arpeggios

Play better chords and improve your accuracy...

Getting Started With... Ex1

Getting Started With... Ex 2

The 2021 Guitar Workout

Total Guitar

(Image credit: Future)

The 2021 Guitar Workout

Available to stream or download via the arrow on the right.

1 Rhythm ex1 - Offbeat Stabs

2 Rhythm ex2 - Wonderstrum

3 Rhythm ex3 - Sweet 16ths

4 Rhythm ex4 - Prince Of Chords

5 Chord changes ex1 - Four-finger changes

6 Chord changes ex2 - Un-CAGED

7 Chord changes ex3 - Time At The Barre

8 Fingerstyle ex1 - Simple alternating bass

9 Fingerstyle ex2 - Melodic approach

10 Arpeggios - Rock ringing arp

11 Harmonics ex1 - Harmonic chords

12 Harmonics ex2 - Melodic harmonics

13 Octaves ex1 - Jazz

14 Octaves ex2 - Punk-rock

15 Time signatures ex1 - 4-4 time

16 Time signatures ex2 - 6-8 time

17 Time signatures ex3 - 3-4 time

18 Time signatures ex4 - 12-8 time

19 Spider workout ex1 - Lateral spider exercise

20 Spider workout ex2 - Chromatic twister

21 Spider workout ex3 - String skip legato

22 Spider workout ex4 - Typewriter lick

23 Alternate picking ex1 - Basics

24 Alternate picking ex2 - Next step

25 Alternate picking ex3 - Picking and position shifts

26 String muting ex1 - Funky rock

27 String muting ex2 - Alt-rock powerchords

28 String muting ex3 - Pure funk

29 Legato ex1 - Six-note phrase

30 Legato ex2 - Blue notes

31 Legato ex3 - Surfing With Legato

32 Position shifts ex1 - Rocking It Up

33 Position shifts ex2 - Taking It Down

34 Fingerstyle lead ex1 - Gilmour style

35 Fingerstyle lead ex2 - Beck style

36 Improvising ex1 - Simple scale run

37 Improvising ex2 - Return to the root

38 Improvising ex3 - One-note jam

39 Improvising ex4 - One-string jam

40 Now Practise - Backing Track

The above are the audio components of the lessons in Total Guitar issue 341. Buy single issues or subscribe to Total Guitar. (opens in new tab)

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