DVD Combo Pack — 'Talkin' Blues' Parts 1 and 2 — on Sale at Guitar World Online Store

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The Talkin' Blues DVD Combo Pack is available now at the Guitar World Online Store for a special sale price — $24.95 (down from $29.98)!

Get both Talkin' Blues DVDs from Keith Wyatt in this special combo offer! That's four hours of in-depth video lessons on essential blues elements and guitar-playing techniques.

Don't miss out on this amazing blues tutorial at a great price!

Talkin' Blues DVD Part 1:

Precision string bending
Low-register phrasing for musical effect
How to use fills effectively
Chicken-pickin' phrases for a funky feel
How to bring your licks to life with accented notes
Jazz-blues techniques:extensions, alterations and substitutions
How to make licks groove with swinging eighth notes

Talkin' Blues DVD Part 2:

"Street Jazz" chord extensions and alterations
Soloing over chord substitutions
How to play like Blink Blake and Charlie Christian
How to match the solo to the song
"Dead thumb (or pick)" technique
Conversational phrasing
Sixth and ninth chords
The New Orleans sound

Your instructor: For more than 35 years, Wyatt has been active as a guitarist and educator specializing in American music. He is a prolific author of books, instructional videos and columns on subjects ranging from theory and ear training to beginning guitar methods and blues and "roots" styles. Since 1978, Keith has been an instructor at the world-famous Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, where he also serves as Director of Curriculum. Since 1996, he has been touring internationally and recording with LA's legendary Blasters.

This combo pack is available now at the Guitar World Online Store!