Exclusive Heart Gear Tour: Behind-the-Scenes Look at Nancy Wilson's Guitars

In honor of Heart's recently announced Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination, GuitarWorld.com is proud to bring you this exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Nancy Wilson's guitars — all the guitars (and other stringed instruments) she uses on the road with Heart.

In the video, her guitar tech, Jeff "Jeffo" Ousley, discusses each instrument in detail.

Heart released their 14th studio album, Fanatic, on September 28 (Buy on iTunes). As Wilson told GuitarWorld.com in June, the album is definitely "heavy."

"When we were doing and writing the new album, we had this perspective going on and we sort of turned the new album into this heavy, heavy rock album," she said. "Because going back seeing everything we had done, we’ve done beautiful soft music, but we also are quite a rock band."

Click here to read the rest of that interview — and check out the video below.

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