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Exclusive Premiere: The Cringe — "Rushing Through The World"

Check out this exclusive premiere of a new track by New York City's The Cringe. "Rushing Through The World" will appear on the band's upcoming fourth studio album, Hiding in Plain Sight, which will be released October 9.

The band’s previous three albums — Scratch the Surface (2004), Tipping Point (2006) and Play Thing (2010) — won praise for what All-Music Guide calls the band's “dynamic mix of artful, harmonic power pop and raw, aggressive punk garage-band energy,” for founding member John Cusimano’s “infectious and insightful songwriting” and for the band’s “top-flight musicianship.”

The band is Cusimano on vocals, keyboards and rhythm guitar, drummer Shawn Pelton (SNL Band, Sheryl Crow,), lead guitarist and singer James “Roto” Rotondi (Mr. Bungle, Air, The Grassy Knoll) and bassist Jonny Blaze (Tina Parol, Alice Smith); the band produced the album as a team, with engineering by Steve Hardy (Vertical Horizon) and mixing by Hardy and Jon Kaplan (Augustana, Parachute).

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