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Exclusive Premiere: Nations Afire — "The Ghosts We Will Become"

Here's the exclusive premiere of "The Ghosts We Will Become," the title track from the forthcoming album by Southern California's Nations Afire.

Nations Afire features guitarist Chris Chasse (Rise Against), drummer Todd Hennig (Death By Stereo) and vocalist/guitarist Nik Hill and bassist Brett Rasmussen, both of whom are longtime members of the Orange County hardcore outfit Ignite.

"'The Ghosts We Will Become' was written the week before we went into the studio to record," Chasse said. "It also ended up being the title of the album. Sometimes just playing the right guitar with the right tone gets me in a creative mood."

"I had just finished setting up my '74 Gibson LP Custom (20th Anniversary edition) and was just making sure everything was right, when I realized i had written an entire song," Chasse added. "I laid down a quick demo to show the rest of the band, and the song was ready for the studio. We're psyched with the outcome of the track and the fact that it is a nonstop, high-energy, guitar-driven song."

Keep up with Nations Afire at their official Facebook page.

The Ghosts We Will Become will be out later this year.