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Exclusive: The Word Alive Debut "For Your Health"

All around the Internet today, the Word Alive are debuting their new album, Life Cycles, one track at a time. Guitar World was lucky enough to snag the track "For You're Health," which you can stream via the YouTube clip below.

Frontman 'Telle' Tyler Smith has been providing track-by-track commentary on the album, and he had this to say about "For Your Health":

"Another song Zack wrote, and it's absolutely about TWA. 'We are still here.' We've endured member changes (as many bands do), we've endured financial debts beyond what most could fathom, and some of the worst luck any of our peers have even seen or heard of. And yet through it all, we're still here. We're still growing, still playing music, still doing what we love, and ready for whatever tries to get in our way next. It's just going to make us stronger as individuals, and as a band. I'm really proud to see what this band has accomplished... We've toured all over the world with some amazing bands, and on some of the most amazing tours there are. We will all cherish these times for the rest of our lives."

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order Life Cycleshere. You can also stream "Evolution" right now over at