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Get the Ultimate Jason Becker Experience with New DVD

The tragic and ultimately heroic story of one of the most awe-inspiring and innovative metal guitar heroes of the eighties. As co-member of Cacophony, with Marty Friedman, Jason Becker defined the liquid-smooth super-complex playing style that characterized the Los Angeles guitarists of the decade.

After being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease in the early '90s, Becker has continued to play and compose.

A new DVD — The Legendary Guitar of Jason Becker, which is available now at the Guitar World Online Store — features rare and archived footage of Cacophony and many solo performances. Furthermore, the film includes Becker's guitar clinic at the Atlanta Institute of Music, giving a poignant insight into this legendary figure.

The DVD is available now at the Guitar World Online Store for $24.95. Head there now for more info.