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Hear It Now: Eskimo Callboy Streaming "Bury Me In Vegas"

Germany's electro-metalers Eskimo Callboy released their new album, Bury Me In Vegas, in the US today. You can check out the title track via the Soundcloud player below.

"It's the title song of our album, and it gives the listener an impression of what the good life looks like for us," says Eskimo Callboy vocalist Kevin Ratajczak. "Of course, this happens in a quite idealistic and bold way, but for the time that our music plays, we don't care about all this shit going on in the world.

"We don't deny, we just push on for 40 minutes. And in our vision, Las Vegas, the city that represents partying and the good life like no other city in the world, should also be the place where we will be buried after death. So, above our rotting bodies, the party will never stop."

Already big in their native Germany, Eskimo Callboy have been steadily building a rabid fanbase around the world, with their music video for "Is Anyone Up" wracking up more than half a million views on YouTube. Watch the video below.

Keep up with the band at their official website, on Facebook and on MySpace.

Bury Me In Vegas track listing:

  • 01. Bury Me in Vegas
  • 02. The Kerosene Dance
  • 03. Internude
  • 04. Is Anyone Up
  • 05. Wonderbra Boulevard
  • 06. Legendary Sleeping Assault
  • 07. Light the Skyline
  • 08. 5$ Bitchcore
  • 09. Transilvanian Cunthunger
  • 10. Muffin Purper-Gurk
  • 11. Snow Covered Polaroids