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Poll: Which Beatles Song Features the Best Guitar Solo?

In honor of the all-new January 2014 issue of Guitar World — a guide to the Beatles' 50 Greatest Guitar Songs — we're asking you to choose the Beatles song that features what you feel is the all-around best guitar solo.

We've included 20 guitar-centric Beatles songs for you to choose from.

You'll find tunes with fancy fret work by George Harrison ("A Hard Day's Night," "Old Brown Shoe," "Something"), John Lennon ("I Want You (She's So Heavy)") and Paul McCartney ("Taxman," "Good Morning Good Morning") — and all three guitarists at once ("The End").

And, of course, there's one song featuring a very famous non-Beatle named Eric Clapton ("While My Guitar Gently Weeps").

We hope you understand why we haven't included every Beatles song with a guitar solo. For instance, the mini-solo in "I'll Follow the Sun" and the repetitive solo in "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" really have no business in this poll. Having said that, if you truly feel we've left out your absolute favorite, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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For more info about the new Beatles issue of Guitar World, head to the Guitar World Online Store.