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Put some hair on your tone with Cream T’s new Billy Gibbons WhiskerBucker pickup set

(Image credit: Cream T)

Cream T has introduced the Super Scanner series of guitar pickups, a new line touted as featuring exact electronic reproductions of famous single-coils and humbuckers.

Appropriately, the company is launching the series with the Billy Gibbons WhiskerBucker set, designed to recreate the tone of the ZZ Top man’s famed Pearly Gates ’59 Les Paul Burst.

The neck humbucker boasts an approximate output of 8.3k, while the bridge comes in at roughly 8.2k. The pickups come boxed in a luxury display case and bundled with Dunlop Billy Gibbons merch.

According to Cream T. the WhiskerBucker set, as well as all future Super Scanner series offerings, utilize a “patented analog spectrum recorder to recreate 100% mirror-imaging of legendary pickups across the board.”

If that sounds enticing, the WhiskerBucker is now available for preorder for £399 (approx. $497), in aged aluminum, with a choice of silver or red pole pieces.

For more information, head over to Cream T.