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Sisters of Suffocation's Emmelie Herwegh: What's on My Playlist

(Image credit: Napalm Records)

Sisters of Suffocation are a female-fronted Eindhoven-based death-metal quintet that fuses guttural growling vocals with rapid guitar riffs and lightning speed drumming. The result: one of the most promising death-metal acts to come out of the Netherlands in recent memory.

Rhythm guitarist Emmelie Herwegh tells Guitar World what's on her playlist and what continues to inspire the group's brutally heavy sound.

Death - Symbolic

"Seconds after hearing the opening riff for the first time, I knew this album was going to be killer. It’s a classic, a true masterpiece, and I love everything about it!"

Ghoul - As Your Casket Closes

"A perfect blend of thrash, death and grind. I love the riffs and vocals, and the buildup in the bridge and its climax is cool."

Toxic Holocaust - Bitch

"Well-developed thrash/crossover, combined with modern aspects but with respect and love for the past. This song makes me feel bad-ass while listening to it and walking down the street."

Gojira - Silvera

"The riffs are aggressive, and the melodic tapping parts are a perfect counterweight to the heaviness. I also really like the lyrics. 'If you change yourself, you change the world' holds a deep meaning for me."

A Perfect Circle - The Outsider

"This album - and this song in particular - has a good balance of alternative-rock and heavy elements. I play it regularly, and it’ll never leave my record collection!"