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The Antlers - Green To Gold album review

The Antlers
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Green To Gold

There’s no two ways about it: The Antlers’ comeback effort is simply delightful. Like a warm cup of tea and the smell of fresh earth on a dewy autumn’s morning, the ultra‑crisp strumming, honeyed warbles and hypnotically dreamy vocal runs at play are downright idyllic and enthralling. It’s a markedly more joyful offering from the indie-rocking Brooklynites, lacking their once‑signature undertone of existential anxiety. But it suits the record well, shifting between cruisy, snail-pace balladry and bright, cantering indie-pop jams. 

The production is clean, but not plastic, the performances tight but not over‑wrung; it feels good to listen to – like you’re sitting in on a casual Sunday morning jam session with the band, sharing smiles and nodding along as you all lose yourselves in the labrythnine soundscapes.