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The Small Calamities - Moments Of Impact album review

The Small Calamities
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Moments Of Impact

Even at an hour long, The Small Calamities only left us wanting more with the equal-parts offbeat and opulent Moments Of Impact. Not a second is wasted on this unwaveringly bold and kaleidoscopic journey through genre, teetering between simmering midwest emo and a bright, folky twang, with enchanting tinges of Van Morrison-esque diner-pop and scruffy ‘90s-channelling pop-punk. 

Guitars on the record are mostly sweet and summery, lingering with a tasteful touch of crunch – and the interplay between them and a horn section, keys or a whistling fiddle is always effortlessly hypnotic. It’s the buoyant and booming singalongs that we’re drawn to most – “Pavlov” and “Fairy Lights”, in particular – but there truly is something for everyone here.