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Apple Now Selling JamStik Digital Guitar —Demo Video

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Apple Inc. is now selling a digital guitar called the JamStik at about 71 of its U.S. stores.

The guitar, which is made by Minneapolis-based Zivix, is already available at some Apple retail locations; Apple will be begin selling it online September 9. Zivix also will start selling JamStik through Amazon in September.

JamStik is a portable guitar with actual frets and strings. It connects to mobile devices (such as iPads) and is paired with free apps, including JamTutor.

One of the guitar’s cooler features is a network of infrared transmitters that sense where your fingers are on the neck, making it easy to see whether you’re about to play the right or wrong note. JamStik sells for $299.

For more about JamStik, visit and — and be sure to watch the two videos below. The top video was created by JamStikVideo and posted to YouTube last month. You'll also find a few product photos in the gallery at the bottom of this story.

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