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AXOLOGY: Fishman to Debut Jerry Douglas Artist Series Aura Imaging Pedal

Fishman’s line of Aura pedals have made it possible for acoustic musicians to reproduce the sound of their instruments as miked in a professional recording studio—and to do so anywhere, most importantly onstage.

Now Fishman is expanding its lineup with the first Aura for players of resophonic guitars. The Jerry Douglas Artist Series Aura Imaging pedal was created in collaboration with Douglas, a multiple Grammy Award–winning artist who has been influential on bluegrass and related genres.

The Jerry Douglas Aura pedal uses 16 custom Fishman Aura images created and used by Douglas specifically for resophonic guitars. These one-of-a-kind "signature" sounds were recorded using premier vintage microphones and Class A discreet mic preamps.

The pedal’s main features include volume, blend, input trim and Image Select controls; a phase switch to fight feedback, and a bypass/mute foot switch. It employs 24-bit ADA and 32-bit internal processing for superior audio quality, runs on a nine-volt battery or power adapter and features a clip/low-battery indicator.

Fishman will give the pedal its official debut at Summer NAMM and begin shipping soon after. No word yet on pricing.