Beyerdynamic TG-X 47 Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone

Not too long ago, the only way to get a decent acoustic guitar sound onstage was with a mic. And although the studio choice was-and continues to be-a good condenser, a venerable dynamic instrument mic such as Shure's SM-57 was the gigger's choice, because it sounded great and rejected feedback.

Today, of course, there are untold numbers of pickups capable of capturing an acoustic guitar's tone. But installing a pickup system means adding components, and-when a preamp needs on-body accommodation-removing wood. Not something you'd want to do to a prized vintage guitar or a premium new one.

Designed to handle instruments, amps and drums, the TG -X 47 dynamic mic boasts a wide frequency response (50Hz-15kHz), with a bump in the upper range above 10k that enables it to capture the acoustic guitar's signature shimmer. It has a supercardiod pattern that is specifically designed to allow for high gain before feedback.

The rugged, cylindrical TG -X 47 comes in a padded zip pouch. The only other accessory is a flexible clamp. Setup is easy: Since it's dynamic, you don't need phantom power-just plug into your mixer, position the mic and play. I tested the mic with a Taylor 814ce, which is tuned down and produces a huge low end. The TG -X 47 has a tight pickup pattern, so placement is crucial. Because it's designed to handle high-level sources, like a snare drum or guitar amp, the TG -X 47 must be positioned near a quiet source, like an acoustic guitar, which can result in the mic getting in the way. I achieved the best results placing it about four inches from the body, pointed at an angle close to, but not directly at, the soundhole; the mic also worked well pointed at the bridge. In a "live" setting, with an acoustic guitar amp serving as a monitor, feedback rejection was decent, and I was able to move the TG -X 47 to kill the squeals. The tone was robust, with plenty of detail, but not shrill.

As a recording mic, the TG -X 47 may not be as sensitive as a condenser, but because it is so directional, it's great for a noisy home studio, where computers and ambient noise can interfere with acoustic guitar tracking. The Beyerdynamic TG -X 47 is affordable and also versatile. It works well on acoustic guitar and is especially attractive if you need a mic you can also use on amps and drums.

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