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BND/One Fully Bendable and Flexible Guitar Stand — Video

A company called bnd has introduced its first guitar-gear-related product, the bnd/one guitar stand. The company is calling it the world's first fully bendable and flexible guitar stand.

From the company:

"We made bnd/one flexible to make it portable. The industrial coil hidden within the stand is strong enough to hold up any guitar, but its true strength is the ability to easily bend to fit within most guitar cases on the market (with the guitar inside).

"If it doesn't fit inside your unique case, it can bend it into the pocket of your guitar bag or your backpack. You can coil it into into the back of an amplifier, wrap it up with your cord bag ... the list goes on."

The stand can be pre-ordered through the project's Kickstarter page, which you can view here.

For more about the stand and the company, visit and check out the video below.

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