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Best guitar stands and guitar hangers 2021: top choices for single and multiple acoustic and electric guitars

Included in this guide:

Best guitar stands and guitar hangers 2020: top choices for single and multiple acoustic and electric guitars
(Image credit: Hercules/Fender/K&M)

While we all give plenty of consideration to the guitars we want, we perhaps give less thought than we should about how we store our precious axes when they’re not in use. Some of you will undoubtedly have growing collections, and are looking for a way to display them accordingly. After all, no matter how many guitars you own, you can only play one at a time, right? That’s where this guide to the best guitar stands and guitar hangers comes in.

Guitar stands and hangers are, in their own small way, a crucial addition to any studio, rehearsal space or stage. Without them, we’re at the mercy of knocks, scratches, spills and, essentially, gravity. That’s not to say we can’t display our guitars without a touch of class though. Read on to find our choices of the best guitar stands and guitar hangers available today.

Best guitar stands: Our top picks

Generally speaking, the best guitar stand or hanger is the one which keeps your instrument safe from harm, while also keeping it accessible. Whether you choose a simple stand or a more permanent wall-hanging solution is down to personal preference; for wall-hanging we would recommend the Hercules Stands GSP39WBPlus, which offers security and reliability for not a lot of cash. 

Alternatively, the Hercules GS414B offers the benefits of free-standing storage, balancing portability with strong construction, and means – in the best way possible – your guitars are going nowhere fast.

Best guitar stands and guitar hangers: Product guide

Best guitar stands and guitar hangers: Hercules Stands GSP39WB Plus guitar hanger

(Image credit: Hercules)

1. Hercules Stands GSP39WB Plus guitar hanger

Unobtrusive, strong and reliable – one of the best guitar hangers out there

Launch price: $32/£30
Type: Hanger
Materials: Steel base with foam padding
Reasons to buy
+Discreet+Locking system is useful
Reasons to avoid
-Hard to find fault

Choosing a guitar stand or hanger isn’t something most people would want to spend too long thinking about. After all, it only has one job to do, and ideally you never want to think about it again. With that in mind, the Hercules Stands GSP39WB Plus might be the perfect choice. 

The Hercules is a wall hanging, single guitar holder, with a neat locking system to keep your guitar firmly in place. We particularly liked the general non-nonsense vibe here; it’s reliable, sturdy, and isn’t about to go dropping your prized guitar any time soon.

Best guitar stands and guitar hangers: K&M Guardian multi-guitar stand

(Image credit: K&M)

2. K&M Guardian multi-guitar stand

One of the best guitar stands for those with a larger collection

Launch price: $299/£249
Type: Multi-guitar stand
Materials: Non-marring plastic
Reasons to buy
+As discreet as a five-guitar stand can be+Rigid
Reasons to avoid

If space is an issue, a stand capable of holding multiple guitars together might be the answer for you. Yet at the cheaper end, some multi-guitar stands look like they wouldn’t survive a strong gust of wind. Not so the K&M Guardian series, which holds up to five guitars and looks like it’d survive a bomb blast. 

The Guardian uses a special non-marring plastic, which means it will resist all those scuffs and scrapes, and we liked the way it could be folded down to make it easier to transport from studio to stage.

Best guitar stands and guitar hangers: Fender Universal A-Frame guitar stand

(Image credit: Fender)

3. Fender Universal A-Frame guitar stand

For those uniquely-shaped guitars

Launch price: $39/£29
Type: Stand
Materials: Steel
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-Not suitable for acoustics

As we mentioned earlier, there are some guitars out there which are just plain awkward. Sure, they sound great but when it comes to putting them down for a second, the problems begin. We’re thinking Jazzmasters, or Explorers, or some of the more angular offerings from the likes of BC Rich. 

Step forward, Fender Universal A-Frame. This single-guitar floor stand has plenty in the way of adjustable arms, along with a side-mounted extra arm for further support. If your taste in guitars takes you to the extremes of body shapes, this is the stand for you.

Best guitar stands and guitar hangers: D’Addario Guitar Dock

(Image credit: D'Addario)

4. D’Addario Guitar Dock

Ingenious extra security for your studio desk

Launch price: $39/£29
Type: Stand
Materials: Plastic
Reasons to buy
+Simple solution to a common problem+Inexpensive
Reasons to avoid
-No body protection

If you’re a solo recorder, it’s often the case that you’ll record a take with your guitar and then want to review it before you move on to the next part. That often means a lot of picking the guitar up, and putting it down, and picking it up again. If you’re like us, anyway. As a quick and easy way to offer a bit of security against the guitar falling, the D’Addario Guitar Dock is well worth a look. 

It attaches to your desk with a clamp, offering great rigidity, while the rubberized arms at the front do a good job of keeping the guitar steady while it’s docked.

Best guitar stands and guitar hangers: Hercules GS414B Plus Hanging Guitar Stand

(Image credit: Hercules)

5. Hercules GS414B Plus Hanging Guitar Stand

High quality, versatile stand for all types of string instrument

Launch price: $75/£69
Type: Stand
Materials: Steel frame, with foam and rubber contact points
Reasons to buy
+Built to last+Easy height adjustment
Reasons to avoid
-Relatively expensive

If you’re looking for a good quality, well-made guitar stand which sits well above the standard ‘entry-level’ models, then the Hercules Stands GS414B Plus hanging stand might just be the one for you. It has an overall high quality of construction, which gives confidence it’ll look after your guitar well, while we also appreciate the amount of versatility on offer thanks to a push-button height adjustable neck. 

Every part of the stand that will come into contact with your guitar is covered in either foam or rubber, meaning there will be no scrapes or scratches, and the rubberized feet also mean it’s not going to go walkies any time soon.

Best guitar stands and guitar hangers: DRS Racks Bravo7 Guitar Rack

(Image credit: DRS Racks)

6. DRS Racks Bravo7 Guitar Rack

High-end system that can grow with your collection

Launch price: $499/£499
Type: Stand
Materials: Bamboo
Reasons to buy
+Looks stunning+Will last a lifetime
Reasons to avoid
-Nearly $500!

Maybe you appreciate the finer things in life. Maybe you think it’s better to spend on something expensive that will last, opposed to the cheaper, disposable option which will break in three years. If this sounds like you, then the DRS Racks Bravo7 might be the guitar stand of your dreams. Because we all dream about guitar stands, no?

The Bravo7 is as well made as it is beautiful. Crafted from sustainably-sourced bamboo, and with space for up to seven guitars, it certainly looks the part. What we like most about the Bravo7, however, is its modularity. If your collection grows above seven guitars, you simply add another layer vertically. Clearly, this is not a cheap stand, but it just might be the only one you’ll ever need to buy.

Best guitar stands and guitar hangers: Hercules GS526B Plus Guitar Stand

(Image credit: Hercules)

7. Hercules GS526B Plus Guitar Stand

Reliable storage for up to six guitars

Launch price: $119/£99
Type: Stand
Materials: Steel frame with foam/rubber contacts
Reasons to buy
+Efficient use of space+Good value
Reasons to avoid

Finding an elegant solution to safely store six guitars isn’t an easy thing to do. But whatever it lacks in elegance, the Hercules GS526BPlus makes up for with sturdy, reliable utility. This tall, steel-framed stand allows you to stack two rows of three guitars around its circumference, minimising the amount of space taken up by the stand and its contents.

The GS526BPlus offers the ideal way to store up to six guitars which are in heavy rotation; perfect for use on a stage by your entire band, for example. Its heavy construction gave us complete confidence the guitars would be safe and snug, while it folds down neatly too making it a handy touring travel partner.

Best guitar stands and guitar hangers: Fender Display Case

(Image credit: Fender)

8. Fender Display Case

Perfect for the special guitar in your life

Launch price: $269/£249
Type: Display case
Materials: Wood with plexiglass front
Reasons to buy
+Looks great!+Total protection
Reasons to avoid
-Quality like this costs…

If you’re lucky enough to own a guitar which is so vintage, rare or expensive that you daren’t even play it, the Fender Display Case might be just the ticket. Fashioned from the base of either a black or tweed hardshell case, with a plush interior and clear plexiglass front, the Fender Display Case delivers the ultimate way to show off your pride and joy. We’ve seen these fitted with aftermarket LED striplights and the effect is stunning. 

Admittedly you’re not going to be hauling this around anywhere on tour, and it is an expensive way to store one single guitar, but for the right situation it’s a pretty special solution.

Best guitar stands and guitar hangers: Buying advice

Safely storing a guitar is, with the right equipment, a fairly straightforward job. The biggest question you’ll have to ask yourself is whether you favor form or function. Form, or aesthetics, are important for display purposes, ensuring your precious collection is given the platform to shine that it deserves. We’ve all had that tingly feeling when we enter a new guitar store and see hundreds of shiny new axes hanging from the walls; indeed, wall hanging has the dual benefit of keeping the guitars away from harm’s way, and also as a neat space-saving device. For smaller studios or home practice spaces, wall hanging is an ideal way to store your instruments.

If, however, you find yourself reaching for multiple guitars regularly, or you have the space to warrant it, guitar stands might be the way to go. You’ll find guitar stands capable of holding anything up to six axes at a time, so make sure the stand you choose is rigid and robust enough to hold them without wobbling. We reckon the sight of six guitars falling down would be enough to warrant more than a few curse words and/or tears. You get what you pay for, as the saying goes, so a serious guitar collection justifies shelling out for a serious stand or hanging system.

One final consideration lies in the shapes of the guitars themselves. Most guitar stands or hangers can accommodate different shapes of guitars, from jumbo acoustic guitars to spiky metal guitars, however some guitars – we’re thinking Jazzmaster and Explorer styles – are notoriously tricky to balance on a stand, so make sure you choose right. Headstocks too come in all shapes and sizes, so what works for one might not work for another. 

In summary, the method and equipment you use to store your guitars when they’re not in use needs to be more than an afterthought. Here’s a selection of the best guitar stands and guitar hangers around today, with everything from basic wall hangers through to more extravagant display cases.

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