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Bonnie Bishop, Adam Hood and Jack Ingram Perform with Epiphone Masterbilt Century Guitars

(Image credit: Epiphone)

In these new clips from Epiphone, Bonnie Bishop, Adam Hood and Jack Ingram perform with their Epiphone Masterbilt Century models.

The performances were shot in Nashville during the 2016 Americana Music Festival.

Epiphone’s Masterbilt Century Collection is the first collection of archtop “acoustic/electric” guitars designed to be played and amplified as true acoustic instruments.

With the eSonic HD preamp and Shadow NanoFlex HD under-saddle pickup, players can plug in any Masterbilt Century archtop acoustic/electric into an amp or any PA and hear the instrument’s dynamic acoustic tone on any size stage.

The new Masterbilt Century Collection consists of the De Luxe and De Luxe Classic, Zenith and Zenith Classic, and the Olympic models.

Check out the performances below, and visit to find out more.

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