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Buzz Bin: Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Deluxe DC Power Supply

If you’re a true pedal freak, chances are you have boutique effects that run at 18 volts, high-current digital units and maybe even a vintage germanium-transistor fuzz box (or an accurate replica of one). Putting all these effects on one pedal board can result in a tangled spaghetti of power cables and unsightly wall warts fighting for space on a bulky power strip. Battery power provides its own set of complications, especially if you like the “brown-out” tones of a fuzz pedal operating on a worn-down carbon nine-volt battery that’s putting out only seven volts or less.

The Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Deluxe DC power supply allows various pedals with different power requirements to coexist in a tidy, gig-worthy, noise-free environment. Eight isolated output sections and 10 outlets provide ample power for up to 10 devices, with no hum or interaction between pedals. The 400mA sections are ideal for digital effects, while the two variable outlets can be set between five and nine volts to simulate a worn-down battery.

I connected several of my most power-hungry pedals, and the Hot Stone was absolutely noise free, with not a buzz to be heard. The compact Hot Stone Deluxe keeps your pedal board looking clean and sounding clean, allowing you and your pedals to perform their best. —Chris Gill

MANUFACTURER Decibel Eleven,