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Dean Zelinsky Announces Issuance of Patent for Z-Glide Neck

Dean Zelinsky, CEO of Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars, has announced the issuance of his patent for a new guitar neck design.

Intellectual property rights include the strategic texturing of the backside of a guitar neck to reduce friction and increase the playability of a guitar.

The new design is marketed as the Z-Glide Reduced Friction Neck. The Z-Glide greatly improves the overall playability and feel of the guitar and addresses that undesirable, tacky neck feel when a sweaty palm meets a conventional, glossy guitar neck.

The Z-Glide is available exclusively on Zelinsky's line of Private Label Guitars, sold only factory direct in the U.S. through his online store, Internationally, the guitars are sold through Zelinsky’s streamline distribution channel, an exclusive top retailer in each country.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the issuance of this patent as 70 percent of the guitars we sell have the Z-Glide neck," Zelinsky said. "This number is about to increase as we recently developed the technology to put the Z-Glide on our set-neck single cutaway guitars.

"The response to the feel and improved playability of our Z-Glide neck is so good, I can see a day where we no longer build guitars with conventional necks." The company will debut its new line of basses in June, exclusively with the Z-Glide Neck through Thomann Musik in Europe.

Patent number 8,637,753 includes altering the surface area on the back of a guitar neck, creating a pattern of depressions and ridges, leaving less surface area for the palm and/or thumb to contact resulting in reducing or eliminating tackiness on the neck.

You can check out the Z-Glide neck in the video below. NOTE: The camera shows a close-up around 5:50.