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Electro-Harmonix Announces Triangle Big Muff Reissue

(Image credit: EHX)

Electro-Harmonix has announced a reissue of the original Version 1 Big Muff, better known as the Triangle Big Muff. 

So nicknamed because of the layout of its Volume, Sustain and Tone controls, the reissue of the Triangle is a faithful re-creation of the original circa 1969 circuit, now housed in a pedalboard-friendly, die cast chassis.

“The Big Muff Pi is the pedal we are best known for so I wanted to commemorate EHX’s 50th Anniversary by re-releasing V1, the very first Big Muff that started it all," Electro-Harmonix founder Mike Matthews said in a statement. "Original pedals are now selling for hundreds of dollars and this reissue absolutely nails that creamy, violin-like sustain and musical tone at a price a working musician can afford.”

The Triangle Big Muff features an LED to indicate effect status, true bypass switching and the option of being powered by a 9-volt AC adapter. It also comes equipped with a 9V battery. 

The EHX Triangle Big Muff reissue is available now and carries a U.S. street price of $99. You can check out a demo of the pedal below.

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