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This Guy Built an Acoustic Telecaster from a Single 2x4 Plank — Video

When it came time to decide on a project for the 2014 Summers Woodworking 2x4 Contest, Steve Carmichael of the Carmichael Workshop knew immediately what he wanted to make: A guitar!

So Carmichael built an acoustic version of a Telecaster-type guitar using a single 8-foot 2x4. After all, those were the rules.

"The 2x4 contest rules allowed for only one 8-foot 2x4 to be used," writes Carmichael on his website. "I knew it would be tough to get a guitar out of a 2x4 without running out of wood, so I had to plan my cuts carefully and conserve as much scrap as possible. I was able to complete the guitar with a small amount of scrap left in my scrap bucket.

"When selecting a 2x4, I looked for one that was straight with very few defects, or at least defects that I could work around. I found one that was very straight and had a clear section that was perfect for the neck.

"Overall, the process was pretty straight-forward as far as the woodworking goes. Careful measurements and lining everything up parallel and perpendicular was important. Part of the challenge was making parts such as the nut and bridge out of wood, as these parts usually contain plastic or bone materials."

Supplies used:

•8-foot 2x4
•Wood Glue
•3" Cotter Pins
Tuning Pegs
•Nylon Strings
•Telecaster Templates and Specs.

For more information about the process, watch the video below and visit

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Damian Fanelli

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