JHS Pedals Introduces The Crayon Overdrive Pedal — Demo Video

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The Crayon by JHS Pedals is the little brother to the JHS Pedals Colour Box, first revealed to Chicago Music Exchange September 4, 2015, and first publicly revealed October 3 at the LA Amp Show in Van Nuys, California.

The Crayon is designed to get you straight to the direct-console clean/overdrive/fuzz tones that many have come to love from the Colour Box. The Crayon is less of a studio-preamp and more of a traditional guitar pedal.

It has a smaller footprint, smaller price tag, and a few fewer knobs to manage than the Colour Box without compromising the concept and tone that the Colour Box established.

MAP: $199

For more about this pedal, visit its page on jhspedals.com.