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Keeley Announces New X Pedals Range

Keeley has introduced a new line of pedals, the X series.

Just 30 of each of the 10 new pedals will be produced. They span classic Keeley designs, with a new reverb, rotary-vibe and chorus pedal thrown in for good measure.

You can check out an overview of the lineup, with notes from Robert Keeley himself, below.

  • Comp Plus X – "The ultimate guitar compressor. Legendary. Made Reverb’s best selling list!"
  • Mezzo Drive X – "The ultimate Dirty White Sand. Our tranxparent, low gain, tube screamin’ drive pedal."
  • Super Phat X – "Tube Amp Tone is still extant, in the Keeley Super Phat X drive!"
  • Super Ox X – "Our take on a fabled overdrive. A Keeley Original."
  • OP Fuzz X – "Op Amp Fuzz at its fuzziest. Thick and Stixy."
  • Roto Sonic X – "The All New Keeley Vibe pedal with Les’ Rotary Speaker, Vibro-X mode, and U-Vibe modes."
  • Tri Mod X – "The World’s Only Flawless Chorus Pedal. Yeah, it sounds that good. It Is The X Factor."
  • Tri Verb X – "Three of Keeley’s extra large reverbs, together for the first time. Spring, Plate, and Chamber."
  • Tape Echo X – "Magnetic Tape Echo is the best. Especially with our cavernous X modulation added to your delays!"
  • Super Bass X – "The incredibly tight and extra fat Keeley Bass Compressor. Simply the best bass compressor available."

Each of the pedals in Keeley's X series is available for $149 individually, while those who buy four will get a fifth free, and anyone who forks out for eight will get all 10.

For more info on the pedals, head on over to