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Kirk Hammett Responds to Twitter Pedal Comments

(Image credit: C Flanigan/Getty Images)

Last Friday, when posted their interview with Kirk Hammett and David Karon about their new pedal company, KHDK, the Metallica guitarist shared the interview via a (let's face it, pedal people) harmless tweet that included the comment, "I think it's the first time you'll see a pedal company actually being driven by an actual guitar player."

While it is true that Hammett's statement is not at all true, the pedal community quickly expressed their outrage via Twitter. You can check out a partial play-by-play below.

Anyway, the Metallica guitarist has responded to the online row via Facebook:

"No dis to other players who create pedals," he wrote. "I'm just stoked about KHDK and proud to be deeply involved in the creative process.

"I'm guilty of not reading the fine print most of the time when I'm checking out other pedals and yes, I'm more than glad that there are other guitar players out there creating new pedals and new sounds!"

So there it is. Even though it was obvious from the start, Kirk Hammett, the guitarist for one of the most popular bands in the universe, did not mean to offend anyone.

Some pedal-making Twitter users emerged ASAP, quickly apologizing to Hammett, including a Catalinbread Pedals rep, who tweeted, "Awe man! Honestly, it is really cool to have you in the community! I apologize for being a dick."

So it looks like we can all get back to our normal routine now.

BTW, here's that partial play by play we mentioned above:

Damian Fanelli

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