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A Little Thunder Pickups Are Shipping Now: Add Bass to Your Guitar — Video

A Little Thunder pickups are shipping now.

You might remember's recent coverage of these new pickups, which were designed by guitarist Andy Alt. The pickups allow guitarists to play guitar and bass simultaneously.

A Little Thunder, which was designed to replace a humbucker, adds a bass signal to the two lowest strings on electric guitars, leaving the signal of all six guitar strings in tact.

The addition of the bass feature requires no physical modifications to the guitar: no drilling, routing or adding strings. Nor will guitarists need to replace 9-volt batteries or use MIDI. They just need to remove their existing humbucker, and—with about five minutes of installation time—they'll have the ability to push a button to activate A Little Thunder.

"As timing would have it, today is Les Paul's 100th birthday," Alt says. "We're sending our gratitude for his many contributions to the world of guitar."

Each shipment includes: A Little Thunder, "Quick Start" installation instructions, user guide, smart jack, USB cable, U.S. and metric size pickup ring adjustment screws and support info. The shipping schedule also will be posted this week.

In the meantime, Alt recommends this cable—the Hosa Cable STP203 TRS—for splitting the guitar and bass signals to different amps.

"Thank you for your support and patience," Alt adds. "The end result is very exciting to us; now it's the world's turn to open the jungle book. You may never play guitar the same again."

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Damian Fanelli

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