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Meet A Little Thunder Pickups: Play Guitar and Bass Simultaneously — Demo Video

A few months ago, guitarist Andy Alt introduced a new electric guitar pickup—"A Little Thunder"—that allows guitarists to play guitar and bass simultaneously.

A Little Thunder, which was designed to replace a humbucker, adds a bass signal to the two lowest strings on electric guitars, leaving the signal of all six strings in tact.

The addition of the bass feature requires no physical modifications: no drilling, routing or adding strings. Nor will guitarists need to replace 9-volt batteries or use MIDI. They just need to remove their existing humbucker, and—with about five minutes of installation time—they'll have the ability to push a button to activate A Little Thunder.

The three controls are on the custom-designed pickup ring: an on/off switch, a -1 or -2 octave switch and a polyphonic (two bass notes at once) or “low note priority” mode (The pickup detects the lowest note being played and applies the bass effect only to that note).

Because the technology is housed within the pickup, players will experience virtually no latency or tracking issues, which they might experience with external technologies, such as octave pedals.

Below, check out two demo videos for A Little Thunder. You can get even more information at that visitors can save $30 on their order by entering code "alittlethunder30" at checkout. You also can follow along on Facebook.


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