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Magnetic Effects Updates Midphoria Fixed Wah Booster

(Image credit: courtesy of Magnetic Effects)

London-based Magnetic Effects has updated their Midphoria Fixed Wah Booster. The new V2 adds a Width control (which alters the Q), a wider sweep range and an internal voltage doubler for increased headroom.

As with the original Midphoria, the wah pedal allows theuser to dial in the “sweet spot” using the Sweep Control, as well as extend the frequency range with the Frequency toggle switch. A Clean Blend allows the user to dial in the dry signal in order to balance the amount of Fixed Wah style mid boost. Additionally, the Clean Blend can be used as a booster on its own.

The Midpohoria V2 sells for £115 (roughly $142) and begins shipping August 1. For more information or to purchase, head to Magnetic Effects.