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Meet the Bojotar, Created by Bow Thayer and Eastwood/Airline Guitars — Video

The Bojotar is a new stringed instrument developed by guitarist Bow Thayer in collaboration with Joey Leone for Eastwood/Airline Guitars.

The instrument, which is demoed by Thayer in the video below, should be available December 15 and can be pre-ordered here.

The instrument has a chambered guitar body with a resonator, two pickups (a humbucker by the neck and a piezo under the resonator's biscuit) and a three-knob blending system that allows for many different varieties of tone.

Thayer removed the low E string of a standard guitar by cutting the neck down to the fifth fret and replacing it with a drone string like a banjo, leaving it with an extra-low note that a five-string banjo doesn't have.

This hybrid can be tuned to an open G, just like Keith Richards, or any other open tuning you want to explore. Thayer plays it with a flat pick and two finger picks on his middle and ring finger, but the sky is the limit.

The Bojotar can be played with a banjo roll, strummed or as a single note pick. Or with a blues finger style and a slide riff, all in one tune. Thayer also plans on adding a B-bender to, as he puts it, "get into the world of some pseudo-pedal steel licks."

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