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Meet Hoverguitar, the World's First "Invisible" Guitar and Bass Wall Mount

(Image credit: Hoverguitar)

Inventor Roman Winkler has unveiled an interesting little gadget that's been making the rounds on the Internet over the last couple of days, the Hoverguitar. Marketed as the world's first "invisible" guitar and bass wall mount, the Hoverguitar is a guitar hanger that's only visible from a couple of rather extreme angles. In other words, if you use the Hoverguitar, it will look as if your guitar is floating.

The Hoverguitar features something called a 'Super Toaster,' which is mounted beneath bolt-on guitar neckplates and hooks onto ‘The Super Slug’, a wall-mounted hook.

According to the Hoverguitar's Kickstarter page, the 'Super Toaster' can be attached in three seconds, and allows the guitar to be mounted in several different orientations, from vertical to horizontal and a number of degrees in between.

At the moment, the system is only available for guitars and basses with Fender-style rectangular bolt-on neckplates. However, Hoverguitar claims that the necessary mod only takes five minutes, and is completely reversible.

The complete Hoverguitar system will be available in October, but you can preorder it now from Hoverguitar for €36, or €44 (~$51) for those in the United States.

For more info, check out Hoverguitar's Kickstarter for yourself.