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Now on eBay: This Guitar Was Designed to Look Smashed, But It Plays Just FIne — Video

Thanks for Shane Speal for letting us know about this oddity.

On eBay at this very moment is an "End of the Road Stratocaster Guitar" that was designed to look smashed—but it (apparently) plays just fine.

It has a "buy it now" price of £475 (about $735).

The guitar, which can be seen here on eBay in the U.K., comes with the following description:

"Have you always wanted to do a [Pete] Townshend and smash your axe? Or be like Jimi [Hendrix] and set it alight? But you're just too worried that you'll never be able to play it again? Don't fear! Devil & Sons Guitars has been there and done that for you.

"Made from new components, with a road-worn and damaged appearance, End of the Road guitars play like untouched guitars."

Serial Number: 01 | Type: Guitar | Body: Black relic/road worn | Scale: 25.5” | Scratch Plate: Mint | Hardware: Chrome | Bridge: Fixed (the tremolo arm is fo aesthetics only) | Pickups: 2 x single coil (centre pickup is unwired and for aesthetics only) | Controls: 3 way toggle (neck – both - bridge), master volume, individual tone control for each pickup | Weight: 3.3kg | Dimensions (Length x Width x Body Thickness): 99cm x 38cm x 4cm | Extras: Rusty Nail fret marker decals made from .007mm PET (polyethylene terephthalate).

You can check out a video below. Happy bidding!

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