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Photo Gallery: Experience Guitarist Malina Moye

In the April 2013 issue of Guitar World, you’ll find a Tune-Up feature on the fabulous Malina Moye.

Moye, a lefty player who flips her guitar over and plays with the strings upside down, is a fearless performer who knows how to put on a show! Her new release, Rock & Roll Baby, is slated to drop in the spring.

Moye has toured extensively and recently played at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tribute to Chuck Berry. She was the only female guitarist selected to perform on the Experience Hendrix Tour last year.

Moye, who also has modeled professionally, did a ton of great shots for her feature that we just couldn’t fit in print. Here’s a gallery of some of our favorites.

Click here to order the April 2013 issue! For more about Moye, visit her official website.

Photos: Robyn Breen Shinn

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