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Review and Demo: Celestion V-Type Speakers — with Video

Below, check out several videos pertaining to some new gear from Celestion — namely, the company's V-Type speaker, which was introduced in 2013.

You'll find a review by our own Paul Riario, plus a demo video by Windowpane’s Tony Abreu and an extra video by Scott Sill, who compares a V-Type to a Celestion Creamback H and Celestion Gold.

Combining decades of experience with advanced measurement and analysis, the Celestion V-Type has been built using a carefully balanced "recipe" of old and new design techniques.

It produces a heady, exciting modern vintage sound that just makes you want to keep on playing: a speaker that delivers authentic Celestion tone whatever your style.

The V-type is a sweet sounding speaker with a superbly balanced tonal signature that imparts a vintage musicality to your tone. Clean sounds are true across the lows, mids and highs, with just enough upper-mid chime and HF sparkle to add clarity and definition.

Crank it up for a sizzling overdrive and raw rock tones, with plenty of mid-band warmth to give body and substance to lead note playing. Available in 8 ohm or 16 ohm variants, this pressed steel frame, ceramic magnet guitar speaker delivers 70-watt power handling and an output sensitivity (SPL) of 98dB.

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Guitar World's Paul Riario reviews the V-Type:

Windowpane’s Tony Abreu demos the V-Type:

Scott Sill compares a V-Type to a Celestion Creamback H and Celestion Gold: