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Skreddy Pedals Introduces New Rubber Soul Overdrive

Skreddy Pedals has unveiled the Rubber Soul, a (clearly) Beatles-inspired circuit that, according to Skreddy head Marc Ahlfs, is a “very well-behaved and useful interpretation of the classic British tube combo amp that launched the sounds of many,” including Queen, U2 and, of course, the Fab Four.

The five-knob pedal boasts controls for Volume, Drive, Sag, Treble and Bass, and responds to changes in pickup volume or to other pedals in the circuit much in the same manner as would a tube amp. 

There’s also an optical compressor circuit designed to emulate a sagging GZ34 tube rectifier, a saturated output transformer and over-loaded voice coils & speaker cones.

The Rubber Soul is available for $239

For more information or to purchase, head over to Skreddy Pedals.