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Sublime Guitars Unveils the Chieftain Deluxe

Sublime Guitars has launched the latest version of their semi-hollow line with the new Chieftain Deluxe. With a new production method, upgraded electronics and player friendly price-point, the new Chieftain is set to be their best version yet.

The Chieftain Deluxe retains Sublime’s take on the classic semi-hollow. Coming in thinner than most hollow bodies, the Chieftain has a player-friendly feel when standing, but without loosing the warmth and depth of a traditional hollow body. The Chieftain features a molded maple body with maple center block, ebony fretboard with trapezoid inlays and gold hardware for a subtle art deco look. The Chieftain also comes equipped with two Porter designed H90 pickups for a warm tone that cuts through any mix.

Sublime's new Globally Crafted production means having the neck, body and electronics for the Chieftain all sourced from around the world and chosen solely by the quality of their craftsmanship rather than their price-point.

The Chieftain comes in two gloss finishes; Tux White and Onyx Black. It is available for preorder at an MAP of $899.

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