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TV Jones Announces New Starwood Humbucker

(Image credit: TV Jones)

TV Jones has announced its new Starwood humbucker.

The Starwood humbucker features smooth, clear highs in the bridge position, and a no-mud, full-bass tone in the neck position. Its lightly wound coils help produce more clarity, while the inductance is increased with the use of proprietary steel pole screws, slugs and magnet keepers.

Pickups come standard with 2 conductor wiring, but are available with 4 conductor wiring for optional coil-splitting. They are available in Chrome, Nickel, Gold or Aged options. Mounting rings are not included.

Bridge: Quick, responsive attack with a dynamic top end.

DC Resistance: 8.3K | Inductance: 5.06H

Neck: Full with blooming notes. Clarity and definition in the low strings.

DC Resistance: 7.0K | Inductance: 3.69H

Starwood humbuckers are available now for $140.

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