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TWA Releases Little Dipper Mk II Envelope-Controlled Formant Filter

Godlyke has announced the release of the TWA LD-02 Little Dipper Mk II.

From the company:

The Little Dipper is an envelope-controlled vocal formant filter based on a classic Seventies circuit. Its dual filters react to playing dynamics, creating peaks and notches that simulate the vowel sounds of human speech.

The Little Dipper can emulate talk boxes, wah-wahs, filters and phase shifters, all with strikingly realistic vocal qualities. A built-in fuzz circuit emphasizes harmonics for a more dramatic effect while dry blend and noise gate controls provide a full-frequency response with low-noise operation.

The Little Dipper Mk II features the following:

  • Ascension control adjusts strength of filtering effect
  • Diffraction control adjust strength of fuzz effect
  • 5-way Inclination slider selects vocal formant effect
  • 7-way Occultation rotary switch offers several EQ and filter timing variations
  • Low Boost switch for increased low frequency response
  • Internal Dry Blend trim pot
  • Internal Noise Gate trim pot
  • Internal Output Level trim pot
  • Expression pedal input for outboard control of Ascension pot
  • External 9 VDC power required (no battery option)
  • Proprietary S3 “Shortest Send Switching” relay-based True Bypass switching
  • “Ursa Minor” status LED array
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Street Price $299

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