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Two-Sided Bass Guitar Has Strings on Both Sides of Its Neck —Video

Here's an oddity we spotted over at

It's a two-sided bass, meaning it has strings on both sides of its neck. This two-basses-in-one creature was made by the Germany-based Inspire! Instruments.

In the clip, it's being played (unplugged, sadly) by former Ten Years After bassist Leo Lyons, who was handed the bass in his dressing room, so he—like the rest of us—is meeting the bass for the first time.

As puts it, it "seems like it could be handy for the gigging bassist who doesn’t want to haul two basses but needs to play multiple styles."


The Sunny bass

I was on tour in Germany and Alexander from came in the dressing room with this bass he wanted me to try. I've never seen one like it.

Posted by Leo Lyons on Sunday, January 24, 2010