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Video: Dream Theater's John Petrucci Demos DiMarzio Illuminator Pickups

In the video below, which was posted today, September 13, Dream Theater guitarist (and current Guitar World cover star) John Petrucci demos and discusses DiMarzio's new Illuminator pickups.

The pickups are based on Petrucci's existing signature model pickups, the Crunch Lab and LiquiFire, but with a twist.

“This pickup set is building upon the Crunch Lab and the LiquiFire, so we’re starting there, and most of it — really all of it — is the work of Steve Blucher at DiMarzio," Petrucci told

"In the case of this one, knowing that the guitar was going to have a preamp in it and everything, he was able to predict what would be necessary to make the guitar be more open-sounding and able to breathe more. He did a fantastic job, and I’ve been working with him so long that I barely have to say much. He just instinctively knows. It’s wonderful.”

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