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Why Learn Guitar the Old-Fashioned Way? Meet Chordelia

As all of us know, it takes a lot of hard work to play guitar. Remember what a pain in the ass the F chord was when you were first learning?

Anyway, YouTube user WayOutWest also has noticed how annoying it can be to properly learn how to play guitar. So, instead of quitting, he designed and built a big Rube Goldberg-esque contraption that frets—or fingers, if you will—chords on a six-string guitar at the mere push of a button.

Mr. WayOutWest—who, if you watch his other videos, seems like a nice fellow who truly cares for animals (always a good thing)—calls his invention the Chordelia. And while this large, wooden creation looks—let's face it—a bit ridiculous, it works, and it might even come in handy in some situations.

No, it won't help you play "Eruption," but if you lack guitar skills and are sitting at a campfire with friends, the Chordelia will enable you to play a few simple cowboy songs, not to mention a mess of pop songs as heard in the video. In fact, it can produce five chords: G, D, C, A minor and E minor.

It looks like the F chord will remain a pain in the ass for beginners! Anyway, check out the video below before passing judgement.