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Exclusive Electric Violin Lesson Video: Resolution15 — "Mr. Dark"

Today, presents an exclusive lesson video with New York City's Resolution15. The song in the video is "Mr. Dark," which is from the band's new album, Svaha.

You might notice that the video lacks guitars. That's because Resolution15 is a metal band that uses violins instead of guitars in their thrash-, punk- and hardcore-influenced music.

Resolution15 is Earl Maneein on 7-string electric violin, Kenny Grohowski on drums, Mike Bendykowski on bass and Nick Serr on vocals. The band recorded Svaha at Spin Studios and Nova Studios, with Ryan Kelly and Stacy O’Dell serving as producers.

“Svaha means 'So be it' in Sanskrit," says Maneein, who is featured in the video below. "The title is of dual significance to us. The first is in regards to the spirit of how we recorded the album. Yes, the album was certainly edited, but it was more or less recorded in a 'So be it' fashion with usually the second or third, and sometimes even the first complete take standing as the final cut. The second is in regards to our stance as a socially conscious band.

"The ideas we bring up lyrically deal with one's own inner turmoil and how that relates to worldly experience and action. ‘Svaha’ is the last word in the Heart Sutra, and it serves as a kind of 'Amen.' So we would like the listener to feel like this is our sincere commentary on the world as it is through our eyes, and also encourage them to find their own awareness.”

For more about Resolution15, check out their Facebook page.

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Damian Fanelli

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