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Exotic Techniques: Techno Arpeggios for Dance Music and Beyond

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Here's a technique I use that helps me groove with an electronic four-to-the-floor dance groove.

It's also is reminiscent of the "arpeggiator" plug-ins you hear in modern dance music, electronic music and even modern pop music like Pink, 30 Seconds to Mars, Lady Gaga and other well-known artists.

Before we get started, remember there's a video at the bottom of this blog post that will help you out. Also remember to check out my previous three lessons, all of which are listed to the left under RELATED CONTENT.

OK, on to the figures:

FIGURE A shows a two-octave arpeggio of an A minor where you notice the notes are doubled to create the "arpeggiator" effect.

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FIGURE B shows a two-octave arpeggio of a G major in the same manner.

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The last example shows the knowledge from the previous two examples being integrated to outline the chord progression from Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man." Here you can see the one- and two-octave versions of these techno arpeggios employed. Alternate picking is required for this technique.

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Here's the video that goes with this lesson.

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