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Hyvmine Premiere "Feather Bed" Playthrough Video

Today, we've teamed up with prog-metallers Hyvmine to premiere their new "Feather Bed" playthrough video. 

In the video, Hyvmine guitarists Al Joseph and Alon Mei-Tal take you through "Feather Bed"'s blistering guitar solos bit by bit. You can check it out above. 

"Feather Bed" is taken from the band's new EP, Fight or Flight, which was released last month. You can pick up a copy of the EP right here.

"What I liked most about this project was that each member had a chance to fully step up and jumpstart the song, so each song has a different flavor of which it was ultimately up to myself to arrange and craft the songs to their final stages," Joseph said of the EP. "This process allowed our songs to mature a step further as we continue to define our sound.

"Writing this way also inspired me as a singer to experiment with my voice. It was great finally getting a chance to try different tones from section to section, giving each part of the song a different and powerful delivery. I was able to call upon my main vocal influences, as well as my main guitar influences a bit more."

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